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My name is Brandon D. McClain and i am the founder and owner of McClain's Helping Hands Service LLC. I've worked as a quality engineer at orschelns for over 20 years, retaining and learning new skills to implement in my projects, designs, and business as a whole. I hope to not only help you achieve your home goals while making your life a little bit easier but to offer a sense of connection and community as we work together improving your home.

My Story

I was originally born in the state of Arizona, and raised partially in Phoenix, Arizona and Huntsville Missouri. Soon after graduating High School I moved to Iowa where I worked for a small factory for several years. I eventually moved back to Missouri where I met my lovely wife of over 20 years and started working at Orscheln Products and starting my business shortly after.  The business started as Brandon McClain in 2002. I incorporated the program Fishers of Men, which was for young men to not only have something to do, but to earn a wage, and learn some useful skills for their future. I believe that all young men need a strong work ethic and foundation of structure to help guide them through the many challenges they may face  through their life. As the size of the youth department started to shrink, it became more of a personal side hustle, with only a few youth workers who grew up returning summer after summer and expanding their knowledge for both landscaping and contracting. I hope to expand to more surrounding areas, working with the youths and helping them earn wages while building skills.

Vision & Mission Statement

Our vision is to provide our community with high-quality, reliable, and affordable handyman, contracting, and lawn care services. We believe in maintaining integrity, transparency, and a strong work ethic in all our operations, and we continuously strive to use environmentally responsible practices.

Our mission at McClain Helping Hands Services is to offer excellent handyman and lawn care services, improving. We aim to build trust and satisfaction with our clients and committed to sustainable practices and ongoing learning to positively impact our community and environment.


We are always looking for new exciting opportunities and challenging task and projects. Let's connect.


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